Choosing the right holster for women

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Finding a holster that's right for you
This is another question that I get often from women, how do I choose a holster that is right for me? Again there is no one size fits all answer to this question, and it is important that you find a holster or holsters that fit you, and that you can wear comfortably.

One of the most difficult things to do as a woman who carries a firearm is concealing on your body.  Although a conceal purse is an option, it is not always the safest or most practical way to carry and is even illegal in some states. Once you have decided on a gun, you will want to find a comfortable holster whether you are carrying open or concealed. In most cases, many women will have more than one holster depending on their style of dress, and how they choose to carry.  It is always a good idea to have a place where you carry that you use a majority of the time, the last thing you want to do is have to think about where your gun is on your body should the need to use it arises.

Another issue that many women face is depending on what city you live in, is there are many stores that still don't cater to women that carry. Many stores have very limited options including having to choose among holsters that weren't necessarily designed with a female in mind.  This leaves many women having to travel to find a good holster or search and purchase from the internet which makes it difficult to try before purchasing. While there is nothing wrong with purchasing something from the internet, and many times it is a great way to find a variety of holsters, you may have to return and wait vs just being able to buy directly from a store.

There are so many different types of holsters that I would never be able to cover them all, there are tactical, neoprene, IWB- In Waste Band, OWB- Outside Waste Band (open carry), and many many more.  There are also many companies that make them, including big companies and even small companies that work out of their homes, providing great holsters and good variety for just about any person. I will cover some of the basic options that work good for women and cover a variety of dress options.

The first important thing to ask yourself is, do you know the most concealable place on your body?  This will hopefully more than likely be the place you will carry if carrying concealed, that you will use a majority of the time. Take the time to unload your firearm and place it different places on your body that you would think would conceal well.  It may not always be the most obvious place or the same as the next person, since everyones bodies are different.  For me personally it is IWB in the middle of my back, and although a very common place for women to carry, it doesn't work for every female. I also use a bra holster sometimes, which I will cover further down.

Now that you have an idea of where you would like to carry, you can start looking for a holster that suits you best.  

Bra Holsters
Flashbang Bra Holster
This is a very popular bra holster among many women and is a great way to conceal, it is easy to get to when wearing a tshirt, and from what I hear it holds very well. This holster fits many women in the most natural of places, utilizing the natural gap to carry your firearm. The downfall, if you are not well endowed, you lose much of the needed area that this holster is designed for.

Ladybug Bra Holster
The Ladybug holster is another bra holster, not as well known as the popular Flash bang holster. The major difference between this one and the FB is that unlike the FB, this one fits under your bra wire, and supposedly works well with many sports bras well.  The downfall on this one is quite the opposite, it works well for those of us that are smaller chested, but those that are well off, probably won't work well with this holster as the space is not the same.

Marilyn Bra Holster
The final option for bra holsters is completely unlike the first two that I listed, the Marilyn Bra holster is designed to fit directly in the cup of the bra. I'm sure this is a great option for some women, but for me I would more than likely have to carry 2 just to even myself out. Which I guess wouldn't be such a bad thing...

IWB Holsters- Inside waist band holster
There are many styles and different fabrics for inside the waist band holsters, I personally carry inside the waist band on the small of my back, if you are right handed, you will actually need a left handed holster to draw if you choose to carry this way.

Belly Bands
Belly band holsters are a great choice under workout clothing or if you don't wear a belt, they fit snug on your body and conceal fairly well.

Tactical Holsters
A tactical holster is in general a great way to carry OWB (outside the waist band) typically these help prevent others from grabbing your firearm when you are open carrying.

Ankle Holsters
Ankle holsters conceal a gun extremely well, especially if you don't wear skinny jeans or pants that are narrow around the ankle area, downfall is that it may be harder to draw your firearm quickly if a need arises to use it. I would definitely take this into consideration when choosing this option.

Fanny Pack Holster

This is actually a way that I also prefer when running or working out outside, it conceals very well, and no one would suspect that you would have a firearm inside.

Thigh Holsters

Great option for that "little black dress" easy to reach if you are wearing a dress or skirt, and conceals very well when worn on the inside of the thigh.

Shoulder Holsters
I personally have never used a shoulder holster, but they do seem to conceal well under regular t shirts and make it hard for someone to grab or take your gun from you. A great way to carry under your everyday wear.

Pocket Holsters
This carrying method will most likely be pretty limited for women, since pockets are much smaller in women's jeans or pants.  If you can and do choose to carry this way, it is a great way to carry and easily accessible if you ever need to draw your firearm.

There are so many more types of holsters and options to choose from when it comes to choosing a holster.  If you can, try out the holster with your firearm in it, test it out and see how well it conceals. Fabrics and materials will also vary, choose something that will be comfortable that you can wear for long periods.  You will probably find also that different outfits call for different holsters so having an assortment is almost crucial for any woman that carries.

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